Issue Highlights

Cover story AcYut - India's First Humanoid
Research & Innovation India’s First Microprocessor – The BITSian Connection
Quarterly BITSian Dr. Guri Sohi
Creative Media Photographs and Captions
Sandpaper 2.0
Winter 2009 Edition

On The Stands


From the editor’s desk Chimera - Creative Prose and Poetry (Contd)
Meenakshi Chaterjee Seasonal Memories
Cover story The Frozen Verdure
AcYut - India's First Humanoid Seduction
Dr. Guri Sohi Always a BITSian
  BITS Pilani, Cricket, and Rocky Mountain High!
A life in social work Community Service
Place for Ethics Deepam
MANTRA Award Winners BITS.aid – The origin and evolution…
The Second Global BITSAA 30 under 30 Awards (2009)  
How do we benefit from the stock market? Research and Innovation
Are you aware of “Let’s Promote BITS-Pilani”? India’s First Microprocessor – The BITSian Connection
Creative Media Business and Strategy
Pressure Zibika – The Next Big Thing
Colorful Women  
The Players Campus Speak
Photographs and Captions The Death of Formal Introduction; the End of an Era
  Vijender Singh visits; BITS-Dubai Sports Festival 2009
Chimera - Creative Prose and Poetry ENGINuity 2009; BITS-Pilani, Dubai
Incapable of love Living after Midnight; BITS-Pilani, Goa
Quasimodo Freshers to Sophomores; BITS-Pilani Hyderabad
Kafka cafe