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Freshers to Sophomores; BITS-Pilani Hyderabad

meenakshiThis is a journey of two freshers to their second year as told by the young BITSian writers themselves.

Abhishek Chandna, 2008B2A3493H,
Vivaswan Pathak, 2008A7PS130H
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The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the greater inspiration his life will be.

Loads of luggage, water clogged city expressways with the first feelings on reaching the campus being “Run Away Fast!” Well, BPHC is not that bad. Although we have had many problems, starting with the late registration- a lacking maintenance  for the registration process, the registration completed successfully.

Finally everyone was trying to accustom themselves in the new environment of our ‘very Beautiful’ BPHC. Sad feelings of departing parents,but equally enthusiastic and proud feelings of being called’ the BITSIAN’ overwhelmed the freshers.
Suddenly there was  good news (bad for some though but awesome for us -“Campus postponed till 29th August!”

BPHC had its first batch commence on 29th August 2009...we had just entered into a completely different biome with new faces in an all new environment.

 “Our minds were as different as our faces: we all were trying to travel to one destination-‘Satisfaction’; but few were going by the same road.”

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We were just trying to feel ‘satisfied’ by the  facilities and the ‘Heavenly’ mess food.So commencing with our journey forward came our ‘Teacher’s Day’ and we all planned to do something out of the world for our very beloved faculty members. However resources were scarce.  No suitable props, no acoustics, no stage and with a very short time of only 3 days, it was a big challenge for us to present something exceptional.

But not only the event turn out to be a great success, it was also appreciated by one and all!!!

Then came the usual BITSIAN life -enjoyment, masti and dhinchak hungama, with sprinkles of studies.
Proposal of clubs (many of which were rejected by the SWD for unfathomable reasons), Club formations, association activities, and the Elections or highly biased selections for our so called-‘leaders’.!!

The next mega much awaited event was our very first intra-college cultural fest-PEARL!!

Shades,clicks,colors,Disco jockey- NYT… all this made PEARL an unforgettable event in the yet to start history of BPHC.

So with the wonderful memories alive in our minds came along a number of DISCO cases-(real serious work ahead) and then came our compre(toughest time of our sem).  We managed to cross the hurdle realizing what BITS stood for -“BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TEST SERIES!!!!

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitesimal pleasurable thought and genial feelings – my romanticism is a result of the semester gap!

Entering the second sem with music and enthusiasm and some fear as it was time to get our CG cards.

The tune of vigyaan diwas was heard all over. Students portrayed their best in technical arenas enriching the campus aroma with every imaginable flavour.This event saw the screening of our very first BPHC documentary-“DAWN TO DUSK”.

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Students working with the campus divisions also expanded their frontiers in unknown territories. The second semester saw various clubs, associations – budding. They came to their full bloom as the Foundation Day arrived. Extravagant sponsorship, cool arts, pro lights and awesome sound arrangement made ‘28th April 2009’ a day forever to cherish!!

COMPREs struck! Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Workshop and then the ordeal was over! Yipeeee!!! Vast Multitudes at the bus stop were to be seen, two months at home was coming up. The thought was amazing and boring at the same time. During the holidays continuous chatting went on —How would the juniors be? Will they allow us a bit of ragging, or is it going to be the simple intro?

We all were missing our own BPHC!!!Each one of us desperately dying to get back to the marvelous place.!!

Finally the 3rd semester arrived but with ‘not so good’ memories. Firstly the management imposed very serious restrictions on ragging, and then the change in the mess caterers.

But meeting our friends after this hiatus made us forget our complaints.

So all in all the first year was a Roller-coaster Ride for all of us. We went through ups and downs, experienced various amenities and showcased our talents in events like SPREE, OASIS, WAVES, BOSM, and of course in the very techie APOGEE!!!

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

We the first batch of BPHC can proudly say that in the previous one year, we as a college have tremendously developed and made sincere efforts in making Hyderabad reach the exceptional standards of our mother campuses-Pilani and Goa,and the process is still on! So folks keep your fingers crossed because here at BPHC there is a lot more yet to be revealed.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”