MANTRA Award Winners

Saurabh Ladha and Apurva MisraThe recently concluded Mantra Awards brought five great BITS-Pilani Dubai and four amazing BITS-Pilani students to limelight. In true BITSIAN style, Sandpaper gives you their “Intro”. Read on…

Saurabh Ladha, 2008AAPS289U
Apurva Misra,    2007A3PS217P
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BITS-Pilani, DUBAI Winners

Shrey Sanger – Extraordinary Leadership Potential, Male

Shrey Sanger is a Computer Science Graduate from BITS, Pilani - Dubai. He graduated in 2009 as the President of the Student Council at BITS, Pilani - Dubai. An excellent student, he was actively involved in all cultural activities and was also the Senior Editor of the college newsletter "@bitsdubai". A permanent member of the college debating team, he has participated and won several inter-college public speaking competitions throughout. As an avid public speaker - he often compeered college events like Sparks, BITS Sports Festival, Annual Cultural and Sports Day. But perhaps his most memorable contribution has been as the resident Quiz Master for BITS, Pilani - Dubai - hosting all four editions of B'Quizzed (the annual quiz competition organized by BITS, Pilani - Dubai). He was also the Event Coordinator for B'Quizzed 2009 and oversaw the expansion of a previously inter-collegiate event to high school students. He is currently looking for job opportunities in IT/Marketing/Event Management. His hobbies include Debating, Quizzing and Bathroom Singing!

Neha Nair - Extraordinary Leadership Potential – Female

Neha Nair is currently pursuing Semester VII of B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering at BITS - Pilani Dubai [BPD]. Having been an avid reader since childhood, she counts English among her favourite courses at BPD along with Management, Operations Research and CAD. Besides being a Senior Reporter for the College newsletter, she holds the post of the General Secretary in the Student Council and is also an active member of the Cultural Committee. She has represented BPD at GETEX '09 [an educational exhibition] and even on TV [a very 'interesting' experience she says!]. A self proclaimed motor-mouth and extrovert, her interests include reading, dabbling in art & craft, debating, meeting new people and then some more reading. After her graduation, in 2010, she looks forward to pursuing further studies in Management.

Mohamed Amar - Social Leader of the Year

Mohamed Amar was born on in late Aug, 1987 in the town of Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu in India. He moved to UAE within 3 months of birth and has been living there ever since.
He joined BITS Pilani, Dubai in 2005 and completed B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering). During college, he had the opportunity to work and help in organising a number of college events. Eventually during his third year he was elected as the President of the Social Awareness Club and organized events such as blood donation drives, plantation drives and visits to Special needs centres. He currently plans to work in the Technical Marketing Field. His hobbies include cooking, watching TV series and sports such as tennis and cricket.

Sivagurunathan -  Entrepreneur of the Year

Sivaguru is the Co-owner of website and Mille Media Limited (Established as a Limited Company in Hong Kong).Previously he has designed several websites and sold one of them (along with 2 more partners). Siva handles troubleshooting and handling of network configurations, utilization and monitoring of resources across data centres, security setup, kernel level optimizations, database customizations and virtualization setup to enhance server performance as a part of his job. He is also involved in carrying out all financial transactions. Siva has received certifications of CCNP, CCNA, CEH, VCP, MCITP and MCTS which has helped him in identifying similar problems affecting enterprises in case scenarios.

Arshad AhmedTechnical Innovator of the Year

Arshad is a final year student at BITS-Pilani, Dubai. His passion is to develop innovative, extremely affordable health care solutions for people living on very low income. His low cost ventilator won the first prize at Techfest, IIT Bombay and he was invited to present it at the World Health Care Congress. He will be doing his postgraduate studies in the University of Manchester where he hopes to develop his ventilator further. He has participated in and won other competitions such as the BITS Pilani - Dubai Technofest and the IEEE Design challenge. His interests include trekking, exploring and diving.

BITS-Pilani Winners

Rajat Tibrewal

Rajat Tibrewal currently pursuing his dual degree in Msc (Hons.) Physics with BE (Hons.) Computer science at BITS Pilani, believes in affecting lives by his work. He aspires to become a specialist in Artificially Intelligent Network Systems, Human-Computer interaction and Information & Communication Technology. Backed by an excellent academic record and an exceptional skill-set, Rajat aims to use his knowledge in designing new products or solutions that would directly address many prevalent social problems. As part of several associations and clubs at BITS Pilani, he has displayed his passion to work, his philosophy to keep things simple and his grit to lead. He has been involved with the Robotics club where he designed friendlier user interfaces. He has spent a lot of effort in the study of Swarm intelligence, developing simulations and applying the concept to several seemingly unrelated fields, such as organizational dynamics. His Swarm intelligence projects include Simulation of Ant Colonies and an algorithm that could be attached to cars which would suggest alternate routes to desired destinations without the use of GPS. Apart from earning the laurel of being a Goldman Sach Global Leaders Program Nominee, he also holds several posts of responsibility like the Coordinator of Computer Science Association at BITS Pilani. He has been responsible for introducing several innovative initiatives that has revolutionized the way the association works and the output it delivers.

Thouta Shailesh
Thouta Shailesh

Thouta Shailesh, pursuing his BE Hons Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, at BITS Pilani has a passion for social entrepreneurship. He wants to bring a change in the Indian economy by improving the Medium Scale Entrepreneurs (MSEs) by providing training in managerial and marketing skills. He has been actively involved in organizations like NCC and NSS from an early age. His experiences as an NCC volunteer made him aware of the harsh realities of life and made him a socially responsible person. While working with NSS as a volunteer, project lead and later on as president, he got a chance to serve the community. He was instrumental in starting new projects and improving the way NSS functioned as an organization in BITS Pilani. He believes in inspiring people to bring about a change and has aptly proven his statement while working for NSS. While pursuing his interests in the social sector, he has continued his passion for electronics by being an active member of the Instrumentation Forum in BITS Pilani.

Mayank Mathur

Mayank Mathur, pursuing his BE Hons Electronics & Instrumentation, believes in leading from the front. He has been an active contributing member of Instrumentation Forum as well as BITS Pilani. Propelled by a passion for electronics, he has introduced the concept of workshops by industry professionals to help students learn from their first hand experience. He was actively involved in setting up PSoC lab in BITS Pilani. As a Coordinator of Instrumentation Forum he coordinated many events during his tenure. He always encouraged his colleagues to pursue activities in the Forum with utmost dedication, constantly being a supportive, guiding light even after the completion of his stint as the Coordinator.

M Santosh Laxman
Santosh Laxman

M Santosh Laxman, currently pursuing B.E. Hons Electrical and Electronics Engineering --- has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and web 2.0 technologies. He has developed and managed many websites over the past two years. He is also the founder of a personalized merchandise company “Colon K” and “BITSexam”, a website catering to the needs of aspiring BITSians. He is also a reporter for, an online media platform for entrepreneurs. With his keen observational and analytical abilities, he wants to achieve his dream of being a serial entrepreneur in life.