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The Frozen Verdure

Ranjit KumarSome people cross our paths for a fleeting moment but leave a mark forever. Ranjit writes in memory of one such person, Shashank, a BITSian who is no longer amongst us…

Ranjit Kumar M, 2002B2A4632
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8:00 a.m. in the early hours,
As we knocked on door 265 of Gandhi Bhavan,
Tears shed out of our eyes for we no sooner realized,
Death, the cruel monster had taken him away,
Shadowing a part of happiness from our lives,
Leaving us with memories all alone till day…

Days and weeks elapsed to get into tune with,
Death, for we had to then strongly believe,
A vigorous turbulence where the loving warmth replaced by stale coldness,
A tidal surge where the sweetness of grace replaced by acute bitterness,
And the dark nightmare replacing the gentle refulgent light.

Great were those rare days,
Where our affiliation ameliorated as deep as the ocean,
Cuddled in a salubrious gaiety
And coalescing in an ecstasy of felicitous sanity.

There is always an enlivening Spirit
And a placid credence of life wherever he was,
For he possessed that splendid charm.
Deeming of the infinite frolic we had at the playtime,
And during our night-study, mesmerize us till day.

We feel proud to gladly call him a great friend,
Who was very dear, true, kind, lending a helping hand
In support, doing that extra something,
Which wins the hearts of others
And whose absence yet intensifies with warmth
Felt in the heart even while we are miles apart.

Though parted from us, he shall
Always remain in these hearts forever
As rich as the dawn, for he has sown
A share of mirth and memories within!