Always a BITSian

Rahul MisraAuthor’s Note: This poem has been inspired by a discussion on bits2bschool where the members vehemently argued that the phrase "ex-BITSian" didn't apply to them. A "BITSian" is always a "BITSian" and never an "ex".

Rahul Misra, 2000A2A7722
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Have you ever wondered if those narrow lanes still exist?
The yellow walls and green doors that you banged with your fist
To wake that sleeping wingie before a Mech Sol test
Or tell him that you had a message at the warden's behest.

Do you remember that canteen surrounded by barbed wire?
Where Fried Maggi was cooked over an almost open fire
As everyone crowded the tables with cups of tea and biscuits
Some wore shorts in the winter cold, utter and complete misfits.

Every October do your thoughts go back to the OASIS theme?
Does your boss tap your shoulder as you lay back and daydream?
What would you give to be back in the BITS audi again?
To watch those FashP models or that contest for the biggest brain?

Or maybe APOGEE is your thing, do you remember the night-outs there?
What about when the model didn't work and you cried out in despair,
Did you miss Mithali because you were hanging the last chart?
And was it worth it when the judges said that poster set you apart?

Did you spend your evenings in C'not, was Sky your daily hangout?
Or was it Nagarji's chai that you could never do without?
How many tuts did you miss because a sam-chaat was more important?
Or because it was bloody 8 in the morn and FD3 was too distant?

They tell me things have changed, new buildings all around,
RAF has lost its charm as on the LAN, new movies can be found,
But somehow in my heart I know, when I enter those gates again,
BITS will welcome me with open arms, her son I'll always remain.