Chimera – Creative Prose and Poetry


Hemant KumarHope fades away…peace eludes us, the moment we start reminiscing about our youth. It’s inevitable.

Hemant Kumar C R, 2002A4PS269
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A chorus in my backyard forced me to take notice,
Something so soothing…so reminiscent of days of my youth,
I walk now with a stick in my hand,
which never forgets to remind me of the days to come…

The evening sun was going down the sea,
A scarlet image spreads across the waters
Never had it ceased to amuse me as a child,
That Sea could engulf something so powerful…

The little waves touching my feet,
taking the sand away from underneath,
Something like time does to you…
Takes away moments but promising to return with better ones…

Once, I prayed so hard to let me fall back in time,
To a life that I had once lived,
Where all I would care was to forget about time,
That was the time when the next day was more promising…

I was amidst people who were brimming with life,
Bustling but serene at the same time,
When severing was not in mind,
yet knowing that one day we have to face it.

And then we did face it,
promising each other to never forget,
Etching the memories to our souls,
we moved on to the other side of life…

That’s when probably I began thinking about time,
and from then on it started going faster than I thought of,
Years later, I looked back,
Found nothing apart from the lingering images of my youth…

I smiled that the waves washing my feet,
once kissed the feet of others I knew,
It made me jealous for an instant,
that when I couldn’t, they met the ones I love.

The dusk reminded me of the night to come,
Reminding me that the time has come,
To walk back into oblivion of my life,
And seek a rhythm to this dwindling life….

I smile at the days bygone and hope the time keeps its promise,
But life’s just that…made up of broken promises and hopes of undoing that,
Pure melody I would say, this way of life,
Chaotic yet reminding you that serenity exists in some part of the world,
A peace which everybody seeks, but only some find….