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Living after Midnight; BITS-Pilani, Goa

rohan menonIt’s none short of freedom at midnight which India achieved in 1947. The feelings of ecstasy resonate in the heart of every BITSian in Goa as “life after midnight” becomes a reality.

Rohan Menon, 2008A4PS208G
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The inevitable finally happened. The 11:30 rule, which bore more curses than a Pharaoh’s tomb was done away with once and for all for the boys of BITS-Pilani Goa Campus on 1st of September 2009. The 11:30 rule has been a source of great ire for all the students because it would send us running back to our hostels as soon as the last whistle was blown resulting in some important club meetings being cut short. Well no more.  As an eyewitness to that momentous occasion, let me narrate what exactly took place on the historic night of the scrapping of the rule.

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The administration did anticipate trouble with indulgence in hooliganism topping the list. So some of the faculty was deployed to make sure the situation did not get out of hand. Well their fears weren’t unfounded. Some of the boys had stocked up on fireworks purchased from Vasco to usher in the new era. Come 11:30 and all hell broke loose. Dancing, screaming, and jeering outside the girls’ hostels, all directing their glee at the hapless girls. They tried feigning disdain and indifference but had to do so inside their hostels! Well, the girls wistfully watched us guys revel in our new found freedom. By 12:30, the supply of firecrackers had been exhausted. Still basking in our new found freedom, we trickled back to our hostels and went to sleep.

And the story has remained the same since!