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By the BITS-Pilani Goa team

Happenings in Goa!

Student Achievers

Team GRAS comprising of three BITSians – Shubham Malhotra, Rohan Anil and Gaurav Paruthi – won the International Online Hacking Competition organised by IIT-Kanpur in association with RnD.

Tycoons 2008

Tycoons 2008 was a nationwide personality-centric event where the individual with the maximum overall leadership potential to be India’s Tycoon was crowned winner. In a test of an individual’s intellect, organizing skills, teamwork ability and communications proficiency, competing against thousands of participants from across the country Nishith Rastogi of Goa Campus came first followed by Abishek Humbad of Pilani Campus.

Alumni Visits

The students  earned a basic sneak peak into the world of Six Sigma, thanks to  a 2-hr workshop by Mr Malolan Sarangapani, '92 batch Mechanical .A Black Belt holder in Six Sigma he currently heads the Global Immigration Services at Cognizant.

Finance workshop by Mr. Ranjit Ranade: A  Pre Quark Finance workshop by Mr. Ranjit Ranade, ‘90 A8 was widely attended by budding entrepreneurs and finance enthusiasts in the campus. A Financial services consultant with an MBA in Finance and Economics from New York University, he currently owns a company called ETC Partners and is visiting faculty at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Learning Sessions

Sun MicrosystemsThe Sun club, which had been formed under the Sun Campus Ambassador programme, has been active with several lectures, demos and projects that have been done. Recently, a workshop on Sun Java and Solaris basics was attended by around 350 students. Three separate clubs on Java, Solaris and Sun SPOTSTM have also been opened for students to pursue their interests and contribute to the field of open source.

Cypress SemiconductorThe Cypress Club has been formed to familiarize students with PSoC technology and act as a link between the institute and industry. PSoC kits have been distributed and introductory lectures on software like PSoC Designer and PSoC Express have been conducted as part of an ongoing effort to give students hands on experience in using this new tool.

Waves 2008Waves, our college’s annual cultural fest was celebrated from 6-8 March. For the first time it went national and saw colleges from far and wide come and participate. There were a wide variety of events to cater the students of all interests. From music, to dance, to fashion, to debating, WAVES '08 had it all.

Spree 2008
BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus presented the second instalment of its Sports Festival in SPREE '08 organised during21st-24th March, 2008 with about 50 colleges from 4 states competing in events like football, cricket, chess, basketball, etc. Spree '08 was the biggest fest of its kind in all of Goa.

Social Service

C:\Users\ADITYA\Desktop\aasara.jpgAASRA the social service club of our campus is out to merge with NIRMAAN, a registered NGO which had its inception in Pilani. It was engaged in clothes and newspaper collection and also put up a stall during WAVES to collect funds to help local Goan social organisation.