Dr. C.R.Mitra, former Director, BITS Pilani: in memoriam

The BITSAA Sandpaper team

BITS mourns the demise of Dr. C.R.Mitra, former Director, BITS Pilani

The sun set on the life of legendary Former Director - BITS Pilani, Dr. C.R. Mitra as he breathed last on 28th August 2008. Dr Chittaranjan Mitra (CRM), also referred as “Dynamo Diro”, headed the institution for 20 years from 1969-1989.

He introduced innovative educational philosophies which made the educational system at BITS Pilani unique, including broad-based, multi-disciplinary approach, semester long course based curricula, practice school, industry-academia collaboration, choosing electives and many other features which were firsts in Indian higher education.

 Dr C.R. Mitra, Director BITS Pilani (1969-89)

Dr Mitra's administrative acumen, resource mobilization and resource optimization abilities resulting in the building of a sizeable endowment for BITS Pilani are folklore among university administrators world over.

After BITS Pilani, Mitra took yet another round of educational innovation by heading HBTI Kanpur and NIIT Academy, New Delhi. He was a recipient of the Mewar Award, the Watumull Foundation Award and a life-time achievement award from the Engineering Education Foundation, Singhabad, Pune, among others, for 50 years of excellence as an innovator in higher education, as an institution builder and as an educator.

Classes were suspended on Saturday 28th August, 2008 and all BITSians rose to offer condolences for his enormous contributions which were instrumental in moulding BITS, Pilani enabling to project itself as one of the top ranked institutions in India with global reputation. The dynamic leader remains a colossus even in his deep sleep.