G. D. Birla and pre-independence politics

By Aparajith Ramnath (’01 EEE)

Aparajith serves up a chunk of history by unlocking the fascinating persona of Shri Ghanshyam Das Birla, the founding father of BITS, Pilani. His research brings to light the political career and the personality of the visionary industrialist who was an institution by himself.

G. D. Birla

Many a BITS Pilani rookie, pining for the bright lights of the big city, has had the following conversation with his or her roommate:

‘Why did they have to build the Institute in this godforsaken place?’

‘Seriously! I mean, I know it was G.D. Birla’s birthplace and all, but we are the ones who have to spend four years here.’

That, however, is the limit of the knowledge many of us have about the founder of BITS. Yes, he was Pilani-born, a major industrialist, and founder of a chain of educational establishments. But G.D. Birla was much, much more than that...

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70s and beyond: the BITS-Pilani of yore

By Sandhya Krishnan (’99 Infosys)


Sandhya’s investigative piece on strikes, ghosts, murders and suicides of the seventies and beyond paints our collective imagination crimson and we are left with haunting murmurs and shudders of the seventies and eighties, flashbacks of which era have developed a coat of a disturbing sepia.

Ghosts, murders, suicides, lovers caught red-handed, manipulated clock towers and MB trespassers. We’ve been exposed to all sorts of legends during our times at Pilani. Some were morphed, some were made up, some heavily decorated – yet they all survived far beyond anyone could imagine. For this issue, we decided to dig a little deeper and unearth some interesting stories from Technicolor Pilani...

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