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The BITS Pilani alumni magazine, Summer 2008

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BITSAA's Royal googly!
BITSAA bowls a Royal googly!

An exclusive interview with Murari , the man who started CricInfo in UT Austin servers.

Profiles of DreamCricket & Cricket Stock Exchange

Uday Kari takes cricket to Hawaii!
Sandpaper 2.0
Summer 2008 Edition

From the annals
In memoriam
G. D. Birla's political career G. D. Birla's political career
BITSian strikes! BITS of the 70s: strikes, murders and suicides!
Creative writings...


Ever redi to serve!
Quarterly BITSian
B. Sandhya
B. Sandhya:
IG of Kerala Police
4 new columns!
Writers' bloc

On The Stands

From the editor’s desk Quarterly BITSian
Under the banyan tree (editorial) B. Sandhya: the mantra of service
From the desert sands Nagarji: two samosas, one chai and four decades
Cover story Chimaera
BITSAA and IPL: howzzat! Miriam’s love
BITS and cricket: a perennial camaraderie Waiting for the storm (poem)
Murari: the man behind CricInfo East meets west – the generashun gap
Say ‘aloha to cricket Nightmare on Crystal Peak
  True men
Writers’ bloc  
Dilip’s jottings - Back to the future Notes from Pilani
Anu rather scrawls - Paradigm shift When I was a junior in college…
The Anu pen draws - Desh Deshpande: lessons for life NSS activities
Misra’s missive - War poetry  
  Notes from Goa
From the annals Life at BITS-Pilani, Goa
G. D. Birla and pre-independence politics News corner
70s and beyond: the BITS-Pilani of yore BITSians: go beyond books
  Quark 2008: engineering perfection
General interest  
Carbon credits In memoriam
  Meera Banerjee
Verbosity C. R. Mitra
Trixies Laxman Mohanty
Verbalism crucified K. K. Birla
Trixies - Answers  
Crossword - Answers The BITSAA Diaries
  Jazz, voodoo, Katrina and earthquakes
Classnotes BITSAA Chicago reunion