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Sandpaper Summer 2007 Edition

India is booming. GDP growth is at 10%. CEO salaries are hitting the skies. Career opportunities are abound. Non Resident Indians (NRIs) are returning to India in plane loads for the same reason they left years ago: A better life. Brain Drain, cited as one of the reasons for India’s backwardness, has been reversed into Brain Gain.


But is the move from abroad to India really that easy? Does everyone really find a “better life” back in India? Here are some first-hand experiences from BITSians who have gone back to India “for good”. Including advice on what you should watch about before you start packing your bags.

Brain Gain ...

the quarterly BITSians

Subodh Karnik was appointed the President and CEO of ATA Airlines on the 1st of January 2007. Subodh also became the first BITSian-CEO-of-a-US-Airline Quarterly BITSian.
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Pingali Prabhu L became one of the 72 new members that were inducted to NAS this year. Read an exclusive interview with Pingali Prabhu
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