Workshop marathon in Goa Campus

Goa Team

An account of all the workshops conducted in the past semesters on a gamut of topics.

In the past semester, our campus saw a great number of workshops conducted on topics ranging from Aero Modelling to Snake Handling. Here’s a brief account of all the action:

BITS-ACM celebrated "Software Freedom Day" on 26th September ‘08

Software Freedom Day was celebrated in BITS Pilani Goa Campus by BITS-ACM, CSI student chapter, SUG, LUG, ASCII (Computer Science Association) and Kernel (Information Systems Association). It was a two day festival featuring events like Open Showcase, Install Fest, Opensource Quiz etc. BITS-ACM sponsored guest lectures like Career Opportunities in Opensource Developement by Ravi Aranke (Ex-MD Red Hat) and Web Development using Open Source by Gurunandan Bhatt (Vice Prez, Synapse).

Workshop marathon
Indo-Russian Workshop

The Indo Russian Workshop on Topical Problems in Solid Mechanics organised at BITS, Pilani - Goa from November 11 - 14, 2008 served as a platform for bilateral exchange of innovative ideas. The workshop featured key research going on in elite institutions inIndia (BITS, IITs, IISc, BARC, DMRL) and Russia in the field of applied, theoretical and experimental mechanics. There were forty participants in all. A clear contrast could be drawn between the research communities of both the countries. While the Russian researchers rely mostly on mathematical and numerical models to study their problems, the Indian counterparts take the approach that is more experimental and less analytical. Coordinated by Prof. NK Gupta (IIT Delhi) and Prof.AV Manzhirov (Russian Academy of Science), the workshop concluded with the Indian and Russian scientists exchanging ideas for collaborative projects in the field of Mechanics.

Workshop marathon
Intel Workshop

The Career Development Cell (CDC) of BITS Pilani - Goa organized a workshop by Intel. As part of Intel’s Blue Buddy initiative, Mr. Suraj Jolly, an engineer working with the technical marketing team of Intel India visited our campus and conducted a workshop-cum-seminar covering various issues relating to Silicon technology. His talk touched on several issues ranging from,complex programmable logic devices(CPLDs) and field-programmable gate arrays(FPGAs), to microprocessors, the evolution of different platforms, chipsets and multi-core technology. He highlighted the approaches behind efficient chip designing as well as the whole process of chip fabrication.

Nettech Network Management and Ethical Hacking Workshop

This workshop was organized by BITS-ACM from 25th September 2008 to 17 October 2008. The workshop duration was 60 hours (20 days) and 130 student registrations. The top three students were offered fully paid summer internship at the Nettech centres across the country, Top 10 were given Certificate of Merit, and the rest were given Qualification Certificates.

Workshop marathon

The Robokriti workshop conducted by the Mumbai based Technophilia Solutions on the 8th and 9th of November, received a huge response from the BITSian crowd. About 230 students enrolled for this workshop. The students were taught the basics of robotics - wired, automated, computer controlled and speech controlled robots. The teams had built their own robots by the end of the workshop.

Aerodynamics Workshop

The Aeromodelling workshop was conducted by Robosoft Technologies Ltd based in Mumbai. The workshop was conducted by a group of professionals who were pioneers in the art of aeromodelling. The 13 participant teams were provided a kit to build its own powered glider, comprising of components made of balsam wood, a RC control set, lithium polymer batteries and brushless DC motors to power the glider. The teams were told basic essentials about the craft’s maintenance and safety precautions. The workshop was success: even persons who had no previous experience on making powered gliders successfully made a working model in a short span of two days.

ICER'08 (

International Conference of Environment Research is being held in BPGC from 18-20th December. It was organized by senior faculty of BITS-Pilani in association with the Journal of Environmental Research and Development. With an expected turnout of nearly 1000, the conference provided an ideal place for presenting and discussing new ideas related to Environment Research.

Snake Handling Workshop  

The Environment Protection and Awareness Club (EPAC) organized a snake-handling workshop on 8 November 2008. Mr. Amar Heblekar, range forest officer, ‘Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary’, and resident of our campus, conducted the workshop. There was a practical session where students could handle snakes and learn more about rescuing snakes (and themselves!). As snakes are often spotted in our campus, even few security guards of our college attended the workshop to know more about snakes. In total 12 different types of snakes we displayed, the major attraction being the black python.

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