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The Sandpaper Spring 2006 Edition

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BITSian Women - You go Girl!

Several generations of women have passed through the hallowed portals of BITS Pilani and they have steadily, often inconspicuously, carved out a niche for themselves in the world. These BITSian Women boast impressive academic, professional and social credentials. They have neither shied away from taking risks nor bucked an at-times stagnant social system. And, most importantly, they have persevered relentlessly, sometimes in the face of significant cultural and attitudinal challenges. Sandpaper’s Cover Story produced in collaboration with the BITSAA Women’s Council is a celebration of the achievements of every single member of this community



Business Leaders


Community and Public Service

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Engineering and Technology

Prominent BITSian Women


 the quarterly BITSians

Punita Pandey

Punita Pandey is the Chairman and CEO of netCustomer. Punita founded 1.jpg netCustomer in 1999 leveraging her experience in software development, management consulting, and IT services. Under her leadership, netCustomer has become a leading provider of advanced applications support services leveraging a 24x7 global delivery model. Punita finished EEE at BITS Pilani in 1984 and also holds a master's degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. She currently resides in Silicon Valley in California and frequently travels to India where netCustomer has a support and services center in Noida



Reena Aggarwal

Dr. Aggarwal is a Visiting Professor of Finance, Sloan School of Management, MIT and Stallkamp Faculty Fellow and Professor of Finance, Georgetown University. She was named among the “Outstanding Faculty” in the Business Week Guide to the Best Business Schools. She has been a Visiting Research Scholar at the IMF (2004, 2003), Fulbright Scholar in Brazil and Chile, Academic Fellow at the US SEC (1997-1999), and consultant with the NASDAQ, UN, IMF, IFC, IDB and Credit Suisse. She has a PhD in Finance from the University of Maryland and an MMS degree from BITS Pilani.


masala & spice

BITSian produced H1Bees creates history

Geeksta rap is making way for Curry Rock! 



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Editorial - Another kind of celebration 
  In conversation with Vivek Paul
About Sandpaper 2.0 
  Private Equity and Venture Captial-A primer 
Chitti Ayee Hai 

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Dilip's column - Heeding the call 
  Prejudices in the workplace

cover story - BITSian Women


education and academics  

  Myth busting the Indian MBA roulette
  Prof. V. Lakshminarayanan (1906 - 1983) 
Business Leaders
  the quarterly bitsians
  Punita Pandey, CEO, netCustomer 
Community and Public Service
  Reena Aggarwal , Professor , Georgetown University. 
Creative Arts
  research and innovation
Engineering and Technology
  Conquest 2006 
Prominent BITSian Women
  Step into the future 

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   Company watch: Telesto Infotech 
Looking back
  bitsians in the community
Aur ek, aur ek and aur ek
  PS II at BITSunami 

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  alumni corner and bitsaa initiatives
  BITSian Women Partyin' around the world 
A consicous academic culture
  Selected classnotes 
More on BITS, Pilani - Goa campus

creative & humor

Behind the scenes
Of preferences in vain
A dream to touch - A short story
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