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Sandpaper Fall 2006 Edition

BITSEmbryoA group of BITSians set out to change education in BITS Pilani forever. By using Skype and a webcam the BITSEmbryo team envisions that one day any BITS alumni around the world will be able to deliver knowledge back to students in Pilani over the Internet. Distances will not matter. What will matter is the enthusiasm of Alumni like you. Read, understand, get enthused and join the BITSEmbryo wave.

BITSEmbryo - From Brainwave to Lectures
BITSEmbryo Vision
How can YOU contribute?
Why are BITSians contributing?
The BITSEmbryo Team
BITSEmbryo: A Win-Win Proposition

the quarterly BITSians


Champa Bhushan and Brij Bhushan met in Pilani 40 years ago, fell in love and got married. Their wedding reception was served by Volga restaurant in C’not. After their wedding they moved to US where they lived the American dream for 36 years. Brij started Reston Consultancy Group which does thriving business in the networking sector. Now Brij and Champa are back in Pilani. To teach for one semester and give back to the place where it all began. This is an affair to remember.

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