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The Sandpaper Fall 2005 Edition

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BITSians on Wall Street


BITSians are increasing in numbers, not only on Wall Street, but in the world’s major centers in San Francisco, Houston, Singapore, Mumbai and London. These financial experts are advising on multibillion dollar mergers and acquisitions, financing new companies, acquiring mature businesses, taking companies public, buying, selling and trading securities, advising clients, and writing research. Wall street

This article discusses BITSians working in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Sales & Trading, Private Equity, Asset Management and Hedge Funds only in the United States. Venture Capital is not covered; this will form a separate article in a later edition.

Investment Banking

Private Equity

Equity and Fixed Income Research

Investment Management

Sales and Trading


Our alumni in high finance


A list of prominent BITSians in the financial field all over the world


 the quarterly BITSians
BITSsunami team

BITSunami Team

Our response to one of nature’s biggest calamities – The South Asian Tsunami of December 2004. Our attempt to make a difference in the lives of people in two hard-hit Indian villages.



S. Nagarajan - IAS topper

A BITSians’s lifelong dream of becoming an IAS Officer comes true and with points for style… he topped the 2005 IAS exam


masala & spice

BITSian produced H1Bees creates history

Geeksta rap is making way for Curry Rock! 



editorial & features


business & strategy

Masters of the Universe? Barbarians at the Gate? Both?
  Hedge Funds

Fits BITS - An article by Dilip D'Souza

  BITSians at India's best B-schools
  Fedex deliver - book review
Masala & Spice

cover story


research and innovation   

BITSians on Wall Street
  Embroynic Stem Cells: Promises and Challenges
Our alumni in high finance
  Quantative concepts in art and science
    Mission to Mars ... abort?

notes from pilani   


alumni corner & bitsaa

CSD –An Era Of Collaborative Research
  MIT, Stanford or Caltech? On a scholarship?
Evaluation pattern at BITS – a new story
  BITSAA Women's Council

The Pharmacy Group at BITS Pilani

  BITSAA 30 under 30 awards

Back to BITS

  BITSAA Silicon Valley Elections

Oasis to Oasis

  Partying around the world

nostalgic notes    


the quarterly bitsians    

You only live twice - a tale of renewal
The Dridge
  S. Nagarajan

creative & humor


general interest

A month of Bhavan's night
  the writer's market
The Looking Glass
  We who are not as others
Lost ... In every which way
  Confessions of a BITSian woman
    Civil Services in India

bitsians in the community


The diljales make a difference
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